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Gabriela and Dan with Lexxie and Fritz
Nonantum Resort, Kennebunkport, Maine
BlixxHorses is committed to helping people experience horses.

About BlixxHorses

BlixxHorses aka Blixx ‘All About Horses & Their Care’ is a 501(c)(3) Maine Non Profit Educational and Advocacy organization founded by Gabriela Rodriguez and Daniel Quinn in 2007. Our focus is education and horse therapy to reduce stress, through interactive, innovative programs and a television show. This is not traditional Therapeutic Riding, Hippo Therapy, or Equine Assisted therapy. Relating in close proximity gives people a deeper understanding of the horse’s physical nature, behavior, needs, and plight.

Mission Statement

Blue was the inspiration for Blixx
Colony Hotel, Kennebunkport, Maine

BlixxHorses exists to educate the public about horses and their care, and to acknowledge their contribution and value in society beyond their traditional use, by their ability to be physically & emotionally therapeutic for people.

People helping horses help people

About Gabriela Rodriguez

Ms.Rodriguez’ expertise in behavior of horses has evolved over 2 decades spent caring and interacting, and through daily non riding hours observing, researching & documenting behaviors leading to a refinement of communication skills. 

Though she has handled many horses over the years and participated in equestrian events and performances, her most important accomplishment and source of pride comes from a life changing decision in 1999 to help a horse that was to be the first of three rescues, a Thoroughbred racehorse named Think Blue. The decision led to the unique opportunity to develop lasting, successful relationships with members of the equine species, something difficult but not impossible to achieve in a lifetime. Blue was the inspiration for BlixxHorses.

Developing trust, respect & co-operation by providing security and effective leadership are vital to success in life, relationships with people and with horses from the ground or in the saddle. A background in human health, science & fitness, provided a strong foundation necessary to help people understand, relate and properly care for horses in captivity.

In addition the ability of horses to provide physical therapy through moderate exercise, and emotional therapy by reducing stress without being ridden, gives the horse another very important role in society. In addition, Ms. Rodriguez regularly participates in continuing education in order to continue provide current and factual information to help people make good decisions for their horses. see list below

"As long as the horse continues to be viewed and used exclusively or primarily for riding and sports, horses lives will continue to be in jeopardy."





Resources include:

Scientific Publications

  • Animal Cognition
  • Elsevior Journal of Veterinary Behavior
  • Dr. Robert Cook, FRCVS, Ph.D.
  • Dr. Eleanor Kellon, VMD, NRC Plus
  • Equine Veterinary Journal


  • Physicians for Responsible Medicine
  • In addition, extensive research with cited resources must be done in preparation for BlixxHorses television production airing on Biddeford Public Access, with shows uploaded to You Tube