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Sunset Horses

Our Philosophy: Stewardship

Blixx Philosophy

Part of our role is to protect horses as we would the environment and not to use them only for our pleasure and financial gain, but to consider their best interest and provide quality of life, for life.



Companionship, Care, Commitment

Horse Laying Down

Enjoy your horse, Care for your horse, Keep your horse


About Gabriela Rodriguez

Ms.Rodriguez’ expertise in behavior, communication and interaction with horses at liberty has evolved from 2 decades of daily clinical hours spent learning to care, handle, observe & document behavior, as well as in developing communication skills. Though she has worked with many horses, she has had the opportunity to develop unique relationships with 3, to whom she has given daily care since 1999 after acquiring Blue, the inspiration for BlixxHorses. Developing trust, respect & co-operation by providing security and effective leadership are vital to success in or out of the saddle. A background in health, science & fitness, has provided the foundation to help people understand and meet horses needs in captivity, and to appreciate their role in being physically therapeutic by providing exercise, and emotionally therapeutic by reducing stress.