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Sunset Horses

Our Philosophy: Stewardship

Blixx Philosophy

Part of our role is to protect horses as we would the environment and not to use them only for our pleasure and financial gain, but to consider their best interest and provide quality of life, for life.



Companionship, Care, Commitment

Horse Laying Down

Enjoy your horse, Care for your horse, Keep your horse

Our Work

Acting as educational tools, Lexxie and Fritz are introduced to people of all ages throughout the community providing an opportunity to learn, interact, and gain an appreciation for horses beyond riding and competition. In addition to providing information and instruction on proper care based on documented needs and behaviors, through a distinct philosophy of care, the horses provide horse therapy. These horses are examples of every horses potential to help people benefit physically and emotionally from single interactions, as well as the long term cumulative effects. Research has shown that being in the presence of, and interacting with animals helps overall health. As prey animals, horses have a unique energy and calming effect that helps decrease every day stress.

Fritz and Lexxi being walked by Gabriela and Dan