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Help A Horse Day, 'What You Can Do'

Blixx Philosophy

The Sunday event is an educational presentation featuring speakers on subjects of interest to pet owners as well as those without pets. This is one of several events held throughout the year that gives guests the opportunity to meet the organization’s horses, Lexxie and Fritz, and is part of the Help a Horse Day celebrations held in April, which is also Prevention of Animal Cruelty month,.

Throughout April, BlixxHorses hosts groups & individuals interested in learning about horses and what they can do to help improve their welfare. As an educational organization we believe that knowledge, which is lacking in the horse communities and within the general public can be instrumental in preventing a horse from becoming unwanted. Education is essential to providing good care, understanding needs and behavior of the horse, and the physical, emotional, time and financial requirements of the caretaker. Without it, a horse’s welfare can be jeopardized instantly by poor judgment.

**According to American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals statistics the average horse has eight different homes in a lifetime, and every horse is one sale away from neglect or slaughter.


2016 Event

Horse Laying Down
Horse Laying Down

2017 Event

Welcome Fire Specialist Ryan Loshaw and Animal Communicator Jailene Fontaine

Horse Laying Down
Horse Laying Down

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2018 Event