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Lexxie, the Arabian Princess

Beautiful Lexxie

... from the horse's mouth

Hi, my registered name is actually Bint Ali Alexxis, but I have always been called Lexxie. I was born on April 23, 2000, on a sunny Easter afternoon at Riverhurst Farm in Kennebunk, Maine. My mother's name is Jasmine and my father is named Meleek. My breed is Polish Arabian and my coloring is chestnut. I have 3 white socks and a blaze.

When I was born it was very cold, and there was a lot of snow on the ground. There were many people there to greet me, and they were happy to see me, but I was sick and fragile, and people were afraid that I would not live. Every day, I struggled to get healthier and finally as the snow melted and the days became longer, I gained the strength I needed to run and buck while my mother watched me.

Out on a walk

I am told that I was to be sold to someone as soon as I was separated from my mother, but for some reason that did not happen and one day, when I was 6 months old, I was taken to meet Blue, the horse who would be my companion, and the people who would care for me for the rest of my life.

Blue had been separated from the other horses and was all alone, so he was happy to have my company. He made it clear that he would be the boss, but I knew he would not hurt me. We quickly became friends and from that day on I was always with Blue. He taught me how to behave in barns, how to take care of myself, and to watch my footing, especially on the ice in case I sensed danger before my owners did.

My owners had little experience and were overwhelmed with me but they just treated me like one of the dogs, with some modifications. Like a dog, I began my training which for a horse, is lifelong schooling. In the beginning my owners did not take part in my training and didn’t know what I was learning, but they soon realized that they should always be involved in every aspect of my life. Since I can not talk I have to communicate in other ways and not everyone understands what I am trying to say especially if something is bothering me.

I am told that I am like a child and will always depend on people to take care of me, so I must behave, learn to be safe and do what my owners ask. I am glad that people are patient with me because that helps me to trust them. I could live to be 40 years old!

Lexxie being trained

In all, I have lived in 3 barns with different horses and learned different routines. I have been taken care of by many different people. No matter what has changed in my life, I have always had Blue and my owners. In all the years that I have lived, I have met a lot of horses, dogs, cats and other animals that seem to be similar to me! I enjoy eating, going for rides in the trailer, resting and running in my paddock with Blue. Our friend, a beautiful, black horse named Isabella, comes to visit. We have another friend that lives close by. His name is ET. He is a beautiful, bay colored, Standardbred horse. I enjoy exercise and going for walks with Blue in the neighborhood or around the trails by my barn. I can free lunge, work in the round pen and in the ring, and I know many words and can respond to commands. When I work my owners are careful not to over exert to prevent injuries. My owners try to give me structure and a routine so that I don’t get bored.

I have a trainer that is nice to me and teaches me things. He realizes that because I am smart, he must challenge my intelligence. Part of my schooling is to practice what he teaches me. I always get a good workout when I visit with him. He understands that sometimes I get confused and don’t understand what people want of me. He knows I never mean to frighten them, it’s only that I am scared or that I think that they need for me to be the leader.

One of my most enjoyable experiences is greeting the guests at the Nonantum Resort and Colony Hotel. It gave me an opportunity to meet people where they are comfortable, instead of in a barn, where people usually go to see a horse. I do demonstrations and my owners talk about me and the care that horses need. My owners teach people how to approach and touch me and not be afraid, even though some have never been so close to a horse without riding them. Some people said that seeing me made them miss their horse. People are nice to me. I make them smile and feel happy.

Lexxie's 1st Presentation

At presentations, we answer lots questions and give people and their dogs a chance to get to know me, as a horse. Once they realized that I was just bigger, they were no longer afraid. Some people spoke to me in different languages, but no matter how they communicated with me, I could tell that they seemed to enjoy touching me, and were surprised at how clean I was, and how good I smell. My owners believe that all horses are special regardless of their breed or age or even their looks, and it is the care that people give them that develops their potential and makes them shine.

My owners thought that it is important that I was so appreciated even though I was not ridden. They say that I made people aware that there is another relationship they can have with horses other than to ride them. Sometimes our friends Valerie and Fuller come by to say hi and keep us company.

Since I have been home with my owners, I see them and the dogs many times a day. We go to the beach where I have lots of dog and human friends. Some dogs, like Little Bear, are almost as big as me!

When Blue died, it was hard to watch him suffer while our vet was on the way. I was left all alone and was sad and lonely. Some of the things I did that are hard for horses, like riding in the trailer became difficult. One day I got scared and panicked. Fortunately we were close to Dr. Shively, who takes care of the dogs, so we drove into the parking lot where everyone came out to help. Dr. Shively and her staff took care of me until my other vet arrived, and then they took me to the horse hospital to heal my injuries. My owners say that they are grateful to Dr. Shively because she and everyone who helped me that day saved my life.

After a storm

I miss Blues company, even though sometimes he did not want to run alongside me. That is still my owners favorite way to exercise me because I can run in time and work on my gaits. Once in awhile he would let me be the boss, because he knew that as an “alpha’ mare, and my instinct to be in charge, is an important aspect of my personality. We always worked things out as I do now with Fritz.

Now I have Fritz as my companion and he understands that I need his help because I can be insecure, so he is the leader of our herd. It is funny that Fritz was never the leader when he was with another mare, but he knew that is what I needed. Of course, my owners are the leaders of both of us, so Fritz listens to them.

People wonder why I am not ridden, and though my owners had planned that to be a part of my schooling, they decided that I seemed to be a happy and fulfilled horse so long as I received the proper care and companionship, especially in regards to exercise. I don’t know what it would feel like to have a person on my back, or a bit in my mouth, but I know that I enjoy running just like I always have, freely.

My owners realize that as a horse, I must participate in horse activities, so I go to horse events like shows, and sometimes I get ribbons for showing “in hand”. Mostly I am with people and I like the attention they give me even if they are just watching me. Sometimes they talk to me and even though I can’t answer them, I let them know I understand.

Horse love

Some people say that I should have a job. My job is to do what my owners’ ask of me, and provide them with enjoyment and companionship, just like the dogs. They say that they get more exercise with me than they would riding, because they’re working alongside me. They believe that what horses give to people is much bigger than riding – a purpose and just like the dogs, comfort. They say that a lot of people owe their livelihood to us.

I know that I am a lot of work for my owners and am considered to be “high maintenance”, and need a lot of exercise and attention, but my owners make sure that I get plenty of both, and they enjoy caring for me.

I have had the opportunity to make people aware that like dogs, there are many horses in need of a good home. I like my home and I try not to cause any trouble, but I know that even if I do something wrong, my owners will be patient and always work with me, because they understand that after all, I am a horse and I need to be taken care of.