In Memorandum

In loving memory of Blue, courtesy Tracy Benson, photographer

April 14, 1982 – May 4, 2008

Blue, aka Take A Mile, aka Think Blue died at home on Sunday.

Blue was a Thoroughbred horse born in Ireland and began his career as racehorse when he was 2 years old. He ran his last race at 10. Over the next 7 years he was sold several times and continued to perform in sports including 3 day eventing, dressage, and showed in the hunter/jumper circuit, eventually becoming a lesson horse. Over the years he was handled and ridden by many people. He learned that some people were good and kind, some were not, and some were finding their way.

When he was 17 he was purchased for the last time and enjoyed the rest of his life with his family and his companion Lexxie. Even though he was considered to be “old”, he still showed in the ring to bring awareness of the value of older horses. His last 2 years were spent running on the beach, enjoying his life and the company of the many people who’s lives he touched.

He was the inspiration for Blixx and helped his owners educate the public about the responsibilities of owning and caring for a horse. He taught people that every horse is unique and works very hard, and should be appreciated and given the proper care, not used and discarded. He showed people that horses are not machines and that they have names.

His spirit will live on through Blixx and the work that Lexxie and his owners will continue. His autobiography will appear in “The Pooches of Gooches” dogbook. A private Memorial will be held for friends of the family.

Blue's certificate of cremation