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Interactive Educational Programs


Education in a Casual Setting

  • Colony Hotel June - September
  • Goochs Beach September 15 - May 15
  • Appearances posted on FaceBook


Educational Programs

  • Children’s School Educational Program K-5 and 6-8
  • Blixx, Horse Therapy Program *for residents & staff
    -Seniors, Assisted Living
    -Memory Care
    -Field trips


  • Blixx Horse Therapy 2 hr/4 hr
  • Horsin’ Around boys 11-14, 5 day program
  • Childrens programs* after school *vacation weeks *summer program:
    11/2 hr. scheduled in advance
  • Veterans Program: De-stress & Re-energize
    5 day program group program available
  • Law Enforcement: Sensitivity Training
    ‘Understanding your Power’ 5 day program group program available

Special Programs

  • Visit & Tour, individual/families
  • Horse Safari
  • Horses and the Arts: Music Art Dance
  • Therapeutic Riding: to improve focus, balance, muscle strength, flexibility & overall confidence
  • RaceHorse Educational program introducing the cross under bitless bridle by Dr. Robert Cook, FRCVS, PhD
  • Speaking engagements available

Building Relationships

Showing leadership/providing security Dawn, Sienna, Rodeo & Bucky
Showing leadership/providing security
Dawn, Sienna, Rodeo & Bucky

Our training program, Building Relationships, focuses on establishing a foundation of communication and understanding, in order to allow you and your horse to re-learn in a secure environment. The private 2 hour sessions are personalized and incorporate the Blixx philosophy.

Training is based on the premise of effective leadership, and how it is used to achieve co-operation, without submission or the use of force. This establishes a partnership that is on equal footing and fair to the horse. The result is heightened learning, through an understanding of your horses’ personality, and how facets of his physiology, affect training.

Training can be subtle. Lexxie with Wayne, Louie &,accepting something new in her space.
Training can be subtle. Lexxie with Jerry, Wayne & Louie accepting something new in her space.

The training includes a personalized lesson plan, as well as ‘homework’ to practice what you have learned, in order to go onto the next level. Documented information regarding specific issues is provided to you, for educational purposes. Costs include communication and any assistance done by telephone or e-mail, once the training has been started.

**Our training is offered exclusively for people who are interested in the overall relationship with their horse, and have a firm, lifelong commitment.

Horse Therapy

Nonantum Resort

Horses make us feel good

The best way to get to know horses is to spend time with them …and leave your cell phone behind. This individualized program gives you the opportunity to spend time with Lexxie and Fritz, share their space and learn to communicate by observing and listening. The experience will give you an appreciation for the responsibilities associated with horses in captivity, so that you are able to make informed decisions regarding their immediate care.

Horse Therapy is a way for you to laugh, relax and have fun. By providing companionship, mental stimulation and exercise, you will get immediate benefits that last a lifetime. On a personal level, Horses can mirror our personalities, help us understand ourselves and see how others perceive us.

Relating with horses at the same level is challenging, requiring special skills. You will learn to use your voice, body language and energy to communicate, rewarding positive behavior. Results will come through co-operation, not submission. Lexxie and Fritz are part of the family, so Horse Therapy allows you to build upon the experiences and develop relationships.

You will be transcended as you see the many values of horses beyond riding and gain an appreciation for our role as stewards. Regardless of your experience with horses, you will be enlightened by Horse Therapy.

Horse therapy pannel card, click to enlarge

Permanent Placements

Horses form strong bonds

Sessions: 1 week/ 6 hrs daily
Cost: $350

If you would like a taste of the horse ‘lifestyle’ and Horse Therapy isn’t enough, OR if you are considering a horse in your future, and your goal is to provide a permanent home, this 7 day clinic may be for you.

The education you receive and skills you learn, will give you the ability to make informed decisions regarding your horse, all aspects of care, and to understand the Blixx Philosophy. From riding lessons to buying a horse, we can navigate you through the myriad of choices available.

This private clinic includes Horse Therapy, instruction in care and management, with an emphasis on safety, and intensive in-barn/horse property training, giving you the tools you need to handle any situation. In addition to “homework”, topics covered include anatomy and physiology, nutrition, exercise, injuries, infection control and trailering.

The valuable information you receive will help you see things from the horses’ point of view, so that you can do what is in their best interest. You will also get a foundation on which you can make decisions regarding your horse and his care. The experience will give you insight on what to look for and what questions to ask regarding boarding facilities, disciplines, trainers and health care providers, and of course, horses.

Sometimes people get a horse but are not aware of the time & financial commitment, or lack knowledge and experience, which can result in disappointment & jeopardize the horses well being. Besides your horse, this program may be the best investment you make.

*unless otherwise stated programs are 50 to 60 minutes in length

*unless otherwise stated all programs are for individuals or groups

Travis with Lexxie
Travis with Lexxie


Horse in car

Open gate
Animal Welfare Society field trip